Sunday, 24 May 2015

The One Lovely Blog Award Part 2

I am truly honoured to receive a second nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award, this time from the fab Claire over at the Mudpie Fridays blog. Check her blog out here: Thank you so much Claire!
As this my second time, I am going to break the rules slightly (see that, I've played once, now I think it's my game!) and not nominate anyone, because I've already done that part - see here for nominations and the first 7 facts about me:
Which leads me on to 7 more facts about me:
1. I prefer dogs to cats
2. As long as I'm not on my way anywhere, I love being outside in heavy rain - the kind that comes straight down and bounces off the pavements!
3. I adore Benidorm (and yes, I know it's cheesy and I know it's not the "real" Spain) and could happily move there
4. I would love to do a bungee jump or a sky dive
5. The human mind fascinates and horrifies me in somewhat equal measures
6. I honestly believe that anyone who still thinks there is no such thing as a stupid question has never worked in retail, hospitality, or customer services!
7. I have been described as a bit of cynic, but I prefer to see myself as a realist - the cloud doesn't always have a silver lining, but sometimes it's still shaped like an angel!

Thanks again to Claire for the nomination!

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  1. I love the way its 'yours' now :D thank you for taking part. Ah bungee jump.. something has always attracted me but I am now too much of a scardie cat. Would be great to see pictures if when you do it. I am married to a cynic and over the years it has definitely rubbed off on me a little bit at a time....Great getting to know more abut you xx

    1. If I ever get the chance to do it, I will be sure to have someone take a load of pictures. I'm not sure pictures of me screaming will be overly flattering though lol. Thank you :)