Thursday, 14 May 2015

U Is For Uncle Sam

Day 21 of my A to Z Challenge. U is for Uncle Sam.
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Uncle Sam: Why I love America!
Can you say you love a place you've never been to? I hope so because that's exactly what I'm doing here. It may be based wholly on stereotypes and the media, and I may be way off base, but this is my perception of America and why I just know I would love it there.
I love American culture - the TV shows, the movies, the music. I love the way American people are so confident, and willing to put themselves out there.
I particularly love the way the customer service industry in America seems to work. The people there expect to be treated with a bit of respect. They expect the staff to go the extra mile for them. They don't accept sub-standard service or sub-standard products. In the UK, customers seem to expect that as well, but to a slightly lesser extent. However, in America, this is a two way street. In America, wait staff in particular are expected to go the extra mile, but the customer then pays a service charge (yes a service charge, not a "tip" - the wait staff are after all providing a service), which reflects the time and effort put in.
I've always said I would one day love to spend some time living in Manhattan, New York, even if only for a couple of months. New York seems to vibrant and alive all the time. And then of course there's Las Vegas, the ultimate holiday destination - I think if I went there though, I would probably leave bankrupt!
The thing I think I love most about American culture is the sense of patriotism amongst the people. Whether it's sport, politics, or anything in between, the Americans get on board whole heartedly. "USA, all the way!"
I love the fact this extends to schools. Every morning, all across the country, children pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States. Perhaps my love of this comes from living in a country (England) where we daren't even fly a St George Cross or Union Jack flag in case we offend someone, let alone pledge allegiance to it! In that, I wish we could be a bit more like America. They stand up and say proudly this is our flag and we will fly it! I think that truly does out the "united" in the United States.
Do you agree? Would you like to visit America? Live there? Do you currently live there and think I'm seeing it through rose coloured glasses?

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  1. I hope you manage to visit the US some day as it's a great place for a holiday. Have been lucky enough to visit several times and I only crave to go back and see more.

    1. Thank you :) I really hope so too. I can imagine its a place where no matter how long your holiday is you still feel there's so much more to see and do!