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What True Love Means To Me - Blogger's Edition 2

What True Love Means To Me - Blogger's Edition 2On Friday, I told you all what true love meant to me, which you can read here.

At the beginning of the month, I posed the question to my readers, "What does true love mean to you", and asked anyone who wanted to take part to write a paragraph or two on the subject.

Thank you to everyone who responded. The answers I received were brilliant, they all had different angles and perspectives and I discovered aspects of love I had never even considered. I love hearing what others think of topics that I write about.

The first of your answers where posted yesterday, have a look here if you missed it. Here are the second lot of answers :)

@youbabymemummy from You Baby Me Mummy
True love is having someone that is the other half of you, simple as that

@dementedjan from Rambles, Rants and Writings
Being asked what true love means to me was a tough question, because it’s hard to describe.  My partner and I are very close and I like to think that it’s true love (but don’t we all). 
For me true love is made of several components and for me the main five are: love, trust, respect, care, and consideration that you show one another.  Love is something that I don’t think you have any control over and it means everything to you.  It’s something that would leave a hole if it wasn’t there and you couldn’t be yourself if you didn’t have it.  As well as the above I always think honesty plays an important factor too – you have to be able to be honest with each other and talk to each other about anything.
True love is slightly different because to me it means that the other person shows you the same love, trust, respect, care and consideration in return and would also not be themselves without you.  Its real love, not one sided (for instance I know people who think they love someone but the other doesn’t return the five elements I mention: love, respect, trust, care, consideration) and it’s true to you and true to the person you feel it for. 
It doesn’t even have to be perfect, just honest and works both ways.  I used my partner as an example but I don’t think you are limited there, as I like to think it is true love I have with my children, my Mum and my sister too! 
Love. Such a Universal entity and yet a totally subjective word.
I am fortunate enough to have experienced it, but would be foolish to attempt explaining the true meaning of love.
How many words can fill up an ocean of emotion that you feel for someone?
It's misery, it's joy, it's an apple. 
Let's put all the words of every language in a blender and make a smoothie.
It's impossible to explain the true meaning of love!
But there is a test for it.
To know if you truly love someone, imagine you are both at the edge of a cliff.
One of you has to jump and you have to choose which one.
If your answer is yourself, congratulations, you are truly in love with that person.
@RunJumpScrap from Run Jump Scrap
If we are talking about love for partners, true love to me is not having to pretend with someone. You can be you and not fear being judged and know your crazy idiosyncrasies are accepted. True love is having a lover (which some may not agree but I do think sex is a reasonable part of a successful relationship!) and a best friend, someone you would do anything for and someone you can trust and rely on completely.
@Daysinbed from Days in Bed
After having 3 serious relationships i can now see what true love really is. love is being kind, patient, understanding, overlooking one another's faults, wanting to spend time together, missing one another when your apart for a long time, caring for one another when you are sick. True love is my husband who has never said something to hurt or upset me, never beat me or caused emotional suffering. He is my true love.
@Fortheloveto from For The Love To
I also believe that true love grow with time and it gets stronger as you get older... True love is support each other through good and bad, it not only being a couple but also being partners, best friends, great companions.
@thirstydaddy from Thirsty Daddy
True Love isn't words, but it isn't actions either. It is about motivation. It’s about selflessness and sacrifice. True love is looking at somebody and realizing that there is nothing that you wouldn't do to make this person happy. True love is when you realize that your happiness is now tied to how this person feels. It’s not an emotion, it's a transformation. It's the moment you look at your child for the first time. It’s when you look at the person you are with and realize everything is different now.
@Mrs_Tubbs from Someplace Strange
True love is about committing each day to loving that person, putting them first and then, waking up the next day and doing it all again. Whatever the circumstances.
Thank you again to everyone who took part.
Do you agree? Let me know in the comments :)
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